Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Kiss from an Angel

A month and a day can do a lot for a soul. They can fill it with joy or they can flood it with sorrow. When there's a hole in your heart, it is so easy to let the flood waters in. I have striven to put only joy in my heart this past month. I have surrounded myself with friends who shower me with love and family that is always constant. Sometimes it is the little things, like spontaneous trips to the south, that fill your heart the most. I have realized how absolutely special this life is that we live. I never want to spend a moment without the people I cherish knowing their value and worth in my life. If there is one hard lesson I learned from my losing my dad, it's that no bad fight is ever worth it. The only fight I will fight is for the good, the important, the valuable.

You don't realize how precious and special things in life are until they aren't anymore. My dad was an intentional person. When I woke up this Valentine's Day, there wasn't a box of chocolates or a kiss waiting for me at the table. My dad was and will always be my first love. Nothing, not even death, can take that away. While he won't be leaving little gifts or telling me how much he loves me, he will be showering me with love from above.

This year I woke up differently on day that was full of love. 
With the flu in my body and sorrow on my heart, I heard a whisper from above. 
It said my dear sweet child, don't you worry about today. 
The love that's here in heaven is much greater than any gray. 
As the good Lord wrapped his arms tight around my heart, 
my forehead felt a gentle kiss, one without a start. 
Heaven gained my father a month ago plus one,
but his love is still abounding in more ways than just the sun. 
The stars twinkle nightly with a reminder to have no fear, 
two of the most important men above still find me so dear. 
So whenever I get sad that my Valentine is gone, 
I remember that the days go on
and that my forehead will always be brushed by my angel from above. 

There is no greater love than that of a Valentine from heaven. The emptiness that I sometimes find is covered by an immeasurable love from above. Although my dad will never be here physically and while this was the first of many new firsts, his presence is always abounding and always brushing my forehead. Every pretty sunrise, every beautiful sky, breathtaking sunset and astounding star are just the simplest ways God reminds me that they are here and they will be here every day. 

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
-Psalm 34:18

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  1. I don't know if you read your comments, but I just want you to know I pray for you. Maybe not every day, but I pray just the same. Sorrow will find it's way into your heart from time to time. It has it's "season" as do all emotions of life. Cling to that which is good, pure, lovely, honest. I love you. Mom-Mom.